hot summer nights

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Summerfest, part deux.

flower children (via Nancy Lo)


We set up shop on the very top of the hill right in front of the main stage. I came prepared this year. Had my battery powered fan and sunhat ready to enjoy the music with friends gathered on the same blanket. This year, we were treated with explosions of confetti and lights as giant multicolored balloons and a surprise fireworks show littered the sky at night. I was skeptical of having a DJ headliner, but when Girl Talk took the stage along with his minions of wild dancers on stage, the entire hillside became one big happy party. The set ended on a sweet note to John Lennon’s Imagine. The crowd sang, we all danced and bobbed our heads. The fireworks exploded.


It poured. The dirty kids were extra filthy with mud all over their bodies. Some chicks whined, and my pretty pink sandals drenched in mud and grass. A lime snow cone made it better though. Stars came on just as the sun came out again. Torquil Campbell raised his arms towards the sun and exclaimed “There she is!” Amy Millan threw white roses into the crowd. They sang my favorite songs and ended the set with One More Night. I swooned. I heart that song.

Sunset. Bun B walks off the stage with a farewell, “Get ready for the Bubble!” Waiting for it. The orange sets are onstage. The kids stand up. The psychedelic video plays. The band enters the stage through a shiny, bursting, vagina. Wayne Coyne surfs the crowd in his bubble like a giant hamster. He urges us to smoke pot, make animal noises and try to harmonize our way through that Yoshime song. We wave our peace signs and bask in the orange light. The confetti gun keeps shooting.

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