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It’s been awhile since I posted something. The truth is, I’ve been distracted by TV shows on my Netflix account. This is where I name drop, so plz to watch The Last Airbender anime series and Eastbound and Down. mraor! Both are so good. Other than that it’s been wedding extravaganza week here lately. That’s my sister and me testing out some centerpiece arrangements for her wedding. I think we’re going for the classics, carnations and tulips. I love the way carnations smell. Doesn’t it just remind you of Valentine’s Day in school when you received a stem from your friends or secret lover? Anyway. Wedding extravaganza week continues until this weekend when the Rickshaw birds are finally wed.  Party time!

Oh! and a new Parrot necklace from a day of thrift store shopping with my seester! We also found a set of cute dessert cups and a carafe for her new place.

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