dinner for grown ups

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Happy birthday to my dear friend Roshan, whom I always love having witty and sarcastic banters with. A mediocre juggler, but you take what you can get these days. We all got together last night for what Kim calls a “grownup dinner” to celebrate the big two four. Mona brought the Bauer cupcakes, and her kind of cute deformed pinkies. The rain came down for a bit, but I liked the feeling of being trapped inside with friends and bucket of Legos. The mint leaves were crushed, lemons squeezed, and not-so-crazy straws ready for the pickin’. It reminded me of this article I read years ago, whose opening line still makes me smile everytime.

“It rained yesterday so the air seems thick. Maybe if one of us jumped we could linger up in it for a moment, held by whatever damp thing is hanging about us, moving through us, grazing a cheek, lifting up a mint leaf out of the ice and over the rim of our short-glass mojitos.”

Chau and BJ’s neighbors own thirty dead bikes and one very important BBQ grill. The two little girls like to stand around in the front yard watching a guy cut down branches from the top of a tree.

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