August! I love thee so…

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Just finished watching Picnic at Hanging Rock for the second time this week. It puts me in a good mood to go to sleep for some odd reason. Must be the flutes. Maybe if those chicks had some of Wayne’s delicious neapolitan, they wouldn’t have had to go find it up in the mountains, and you know, disappeared and stuff.

August marks the end of summer. I welcome it with open arms! It might have been the twenty years or so of following the school calendar, but August always signified the beginning of everything for me. New classes, new acquaintances, new things to look forward to. I’m hoping for things to pick up soon, It’s been a slow July.  Can I pull off a pink polka dot suit at interviews? It’s all so Katherine Hepburn. I’ll do my best!

P.S. I’m on the look out for an amazing sequin blazer. This is the year my friends.

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