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Houston had it’s first wine festival this year, so we decided to make a day out of it and try out some local wines. There’s a quaint little park in the middle of downtown where a cute chapel (that reminds me of a scene out of Up) and old historical houses are gathered together for visitors and onlookers to hang out. Probably not as amazing as the wine valleys in California, I’m sure, but it was good enough for some hundreds of Houstonians to to hang out and chill on the cool grass, drink wine and listen to local music.

Afterward, we hung out for a bit at a friend of a friend’s bar, the Washington Grill. The place was pretty neat. Good ambience, interesting crowd, and hot hot hot chicken tenders. We chilled out on the lawn area watching the UFC fight on the big screen before heading out for a late dinner at our favorite haunt, 888. They have the best Szechuan dishes in town, I swear. If you get a chance, you must try out the fried dried chicken and cilantro beef dishes (but only if you can stand the heat!). We always order those dishes and it never fails to satisfy our appetites.

We hung out at the  “paint your own canvas” tent for awhile, trying to recreate one of Van Gogh’s masterpiece. Can you spot our Joey and Maggie?

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