tea and sweets

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home sweet home / Phamily

My love of tea and Japanese tableware on display. Imagine my excitement when I scored two cast iron tetsubin teapots at Ross, of all places!

Mexican guavas. They were packed in the back corner of Central Market’s fruit and produce section. I couldn’t resist its fragrant aroma.

My sister’s little watermelon sprout. It’s growing a  few millimeters a day.

Spent the Halloween weekend chilling at my sister’s place, trying out new recipes, sipping hot tea while my sister made potpourri out of hydrangeas and Thailand orchids and watching old Hong Kong films from the 90s. I forgot how much I love those. Then we made a midnight trip to Walmart, which meant scavenging in the $5 DVD bin and loading the cart with things I didn’t plan on buying in the first place. (Big Trouble in Little China in BluRay! sweeeet)

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween! It’s not my favorite holiday of the year, but going trick or treating with the little cousins tonight makes me reminisce about my own childhood. good times.

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