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I’m reliving the nineties. Sort of. I’m having a My So called Life marathon this week. It’s one of my all time favorite shows and in my opinion, one of the most well made series ever. This reminds me of staying after school in the art studios, listening to my walkmen, watching MTV with my brother and sister, you know, when MTV was actually amazing with good music videos, Aeon Flux and VJs that you thought were so cool. This scene always makes me swoon like a teenage girl.

People always say the 80s were fun or how they wish they lived during the 50s, but I think  I’ve always been happy that I grew up during the 90s. I mean, I actually owned a few flannel shirts and always begged my mom for some wide leg jeans whenever we went shopping. And then Clueless came along and I started wearing short skirts and white blouses tucked under sweater vests. Lip liner was ever so popular that I “borrowed” my mom’s lip liner and lipstick and wore it to school. Winona Ryder was the It Girl and Parker Posy was the indie queen. I still watch Party Girl at least a few times every year.

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