going off on a tangent

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The highway sprawl in Houston seems boundless and ridiculously agitating during traffic hours, but sometimes when you’re on the road, especially during sunset or really late in the evening when there are only a few cars that share the road with you, the drive is not so bad at all.

I was driving to a friend’s house all the way in Pearland the other night. It was around nine or ten o’clock. This song came on my ipod. And before I go on I should really tell you that I have music A.D.D and normally don’t finish listening to songs in its entirety, but this particular song was so beautiful and I just ended up listening to it over and over all through that long drive. Do you know? Is it me? Or does it always feel like you’re going uphill when you’re driving south in Houston towards downtown. When you reach that ramp near McKinney and Allenparkway, the downtown skyline kind of explodes in your face around the bend, especially on clear nights and there aren’t that many cars on the freeway. The horns came on and I was transcended to this scene where this lonely figure stood blowing his horn atop this hill overlooking this magical place that only Hiyao Miyazaki could have imagined. It was melancholy and grand and romantic and eerie….I don’t want to say that it was the blasting AC because it’ll just ruin this beautiful scene I’ve just set up for you, but I had goosebumps.

Let the colors grow wild..

In my memories and dreams

I let the colors go wild

Hounds – The Antlers

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