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I had to get my ass out of the house today. A huge wave of lethargy had overcome me but nothing a trip to the bookstore couldn’t cure. Spent an hour or so at Half-Price and I actually needed to use those mini shopping carts to carry my load around. This turned out to be a hazardous idea because shopping cart=more space=more books. I really had difficulty putting back a handful of books I wanted. But these will do for now. An evening to fawn over them in lieu of going to the bar with friends.

A few of my favorite pages so far…I’m totally in love with these hues of pinks, oranges and blues….thin lines and thin lined fonts…photographic film stills and classic Hitchcock…

A group of my friends and I are trying hard to collaborate on a zine…these books will definitely conjure up some inspiration.

T.J. Wilcox Films

100 Posters, 134 Squirrels the handcrafted art of Jay Ryan

Kramers Ergot [6]

Lula [#12]

Elephant [N0. 6]


Hitchcock Poster Art



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