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In July, I had a burst of ideas and projects I wanted to pursue and now its all catching up with me. I’m trying to check things off my list of projects to accomplish, but so far, I’ve only managed to work on bits and pieces everyday and that’s only by locking myself in my room and not giving into the temptations of reality TV, like the new season of Project Runway or the Challenge on MTV. Anyway, a few more minutes to update this blog post and back to work.

~When the kids were in town for the wedding, there was a frenzy of markers and crayons and construction paper all over the house. I’m still finding their leftover sketches here and there around the house.  I love these spaceship drawings. Cute overload.

~A ridiculously late birthday card for a friend.

~sorting through jewelry. I went from three beaded necklaces to only one remaining, so I’m taking very special care of this one.

~Maggie waking up from her afternoon nap.

~an impromptu washi tape dispenser. I was so tired of having them roll all over the place. It’s probably time to invest in one of those cool wooden dispenser.

~a work-in-progess…I’m totally into neon this month

~Apparently all my favorite things are whittling down. The beaded necklaces, now this… sigh. …At least this pencil will be  put into good use for some sketches.

~practicing my Kevin Bacon sketches, for a zine perhaps. I think I prefer him with longer waves.

~Peridot…for August. yes, it’s here!



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    • psaugust says

      yes! I absolutely love her stuff. I’m actually working on some guache paintings inspired by her mixed media pieces. Thanks!

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