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A few moments from our weekend trip to Austin…

Austin has changed so much since I was here years ago. My memories of being in Austin during my college years were fast paced and blurry, mostly due to alcohol consumption and the need to experience those kinds of exciting  adventures when I was young and a lot more energetic. A few years can do so much. As I grow older, I find that I enjoy sitting down more often, and I don’t mean that in the sense of  being old with rickety bones, but I prefer chilling with my friends with some food and pleasurable conversation all around.

Most of these photos were taken by my sister, who is slowly but surely, trying to find here “photographic eye,” whatever that means. In other words, she’s getting used to the camera meter.

…driving towards Austin, trying to beat the sunset

…a sister’s portrait

… the moon slowly emerging from the sky, it instantly reminds me of pink moon and Nick Drake.

…neon lights

…24 hours at the Magnolia cafe, where the tables are kitschy and the pink flamingo menus are absolutely fabulous

…looking through the windows of Uncommon Objects

…hotel window, after hours

( I finally brought out the old 35mm.  I forgot how exciting the anticipation of waiting for the film to develop can be when shooting manually. )

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