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I heart  you             t     h     i     s            much!

I’ve been neglecting my blog, but the last days of August have been pretty busy for me. My aunt is in town and she was itching to visit some antique and thrift stores again. I love shopping with her at Grace Hart & Co. She’s not afraid of bargaining with the owners. I tend to get a little sheepish when it comes to these things. We found some dainty gold bracelets for my little cousins and I picked out a few rocks for Cynthia, who has requested rocks and art supplies for Christmas. I love when that happens! I’m putting together a small rock collection for her, a little something inspired by these from Cori Kindred. I found a great vintage Cacharel box that will store these gems beautifully. Will post more later when I’m done painting it.

These earrings are a bit heavy, but it was a steal at five bucks at Urbans. Cynthia’s inspiring me to start my own collection!


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