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The first signs of autumn on my doorstep as I stepped out this morning.

A lot has been on my mind in the recent months. I’ve come to believe that mid mid-lif crisis do exist and perhaps more of us are experiencing this than we’d like to think. I like to blame it on having too many choices to pick from or too many high expectations to adhere to, but that doesn’t change the fact that I need to do something about it. This is a vague post. I’ve admitted several times I’m no great writer, but its difficult, you see, to express certain things the way I want to. It will be about two years now since I began this blog and I can’t tell you how amazingly therapeutic this blog has been to me. I’m still in awe that I’ve lasted this long and able to retain my small but loyal audience. Thanks guys, all five of you. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying bits and pieces of my life still. … …. (Hila has written a pretty acute post on blogging here and the elmo keep quote really just about sums up how I feel about it)

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