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Happy New Year! 2011 for me ended with a few days at sea with the family, so now that I’m back in the city, it’s time to think about the year ahead.

My New Years resolutions so far are…

Learn to play the guitar

Take at least one photo a day. I’ve let myself fall into a slump this past year.

Spend more time with the family. I need to take advantage of being in close proximity to all my younger cousins and aunts and uncles, and maybe a trip or two out to visit those living  in different cities.

Start teaching

Finish reading books. I’m a slow book collector and an even more slow book reader.

Finish my personal projects that have been lying around or have not yet come to fruition. Stop having brain farts! (if I can help it)

Keep in better contact with my friends, send more mail, make more postcards.

Make more art.


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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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