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Chinese New Years is approaching next Monday, which means it’s time to welcome the new spring. New spring, new opportunities. I’ve been swamped with so many things to do in the past few weeks, but things are slowly beginning to fall into place now. The new photography company I’m starting up with my friends is beginning to sprout its wings. A very small set of wings, but it’s good to know things are finally moving along. Baby steps…

I’ll be taking over a class for the next two months, teaching photography and digital graphics, so I’m pretty excited for that, too. Already, I’ve worn out my favorite pair of blue suede flats, so  I think I’ll break that strict no shopping diet just this once to invest in another comfy pair for work. It’s been a whirlwind this last week in particular, trying to transition into the classroom, but with all the technical hiccups out of the way, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun for the next two weeks. Lots of multi-tasking, and lots of time and energy, but it’ll all be worth it. Can’t wait until March when I can take a week off to enjoy some mini vacays in Austin and maybe Salt Lake City.

new roses for the garden…

my favorite go-to earrings at the moment, a christmas gift from the sis…

lots of patterned dresses for work…

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