March madness

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When things are slow here, it really feels like time has stopped, and when things finally pick up, it moves at such a fast pace that I can’t keep up. Playing catch up this month (from left to right) with Instagrams:

… March is always a busy month for me, especially when it comes to birthdays. I still haven’t fully recuperated from Christmas and early winter birthdays, so I’m definitely falling short on gifts this month for a couple of friends. It’s at the top of my to-do list for sure. In my family, we don’t generally do birthday gifts, we usually wait to go bat-shit  crazy on Christmas, but it’s always nice to fit in a dinner with the entire family once in awhile. We took our parents to the “Old Man’s” beignet cafe after dinner. The crowd was a bit noisy and young, but the parents really enjoyed the freshly battered and fried beignets and coffee …

… bringing my work with me always, but I managed to fit in time for a buttery croissant at Agora. (Yes, that is an old ass laptop. You jelly?)…

… new record shop in town. It’s got a cozy corner where I can listen and test out vinyls before purchasing …

… falling for red hues lately …

… welcome Spring! I love seeing all the pretty blooming trees around town this past week …

… pit stop at MAM’s as always …

… I’ve been so preoccupied with work and Austin that I totally forgot to mention the Radiohead concert. Thom Yorke, can you be any more bad ass? Accompanied by Roshan and AJ, we went to see our first Radiohead show together, and I can’t even begin to express how cool that was to finally see Thom Yorke perform and his lazy eye. Read awesome review here.

Homeslice before we left Austin on Monday …

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    • psaugust says

      I had an awesome time! especially with people who love to eat like you guys! 🙂

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