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home sweet home

I’ve been looking forward to summer break all year and now that it’s here, all I have seem to be doing is loafing around the house avoiding the scorching heat outside. But today will be a new day for me. Laundry, blog, photo editing all on my agenda. And then at least three new projects I have in mind to work on over the summer break. The past two weeks have been all about eating Mom’s amazing home cooking. She’s really perfected her crawfish recipe using only fresh ingredients to infuse her flavors into the crawfish. And her famous banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes with pork and shrimp) was such a hit at our last family dinner party. The backyard has been teeming with fresh herbs and vegetables. I’ve been munching on these kumquats with honey lately.

Joey’s been addicted to going outside lately. How he loves basking in the sun…

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