l o n g weekends

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A recap of the week through my phone.

… Spending extra time after work lately, but beautiful sunsets like this have made it a bit more bearable.

… Spending time with the sis, enjoying local artwork, meeting artists, seeing old, familiar faces in the crowd…

… Late dinners with loved ones, getting my crawfish fix and discovering new, delicious desserts, like shaved durian flavored ice at Nu Cafe.

… Helping the sis pick out pomegranate trees and spending a bit more time then we expected in the nursery…

… Spending time with Mom at temple and taking things r e a l slow because it’s a three day weekend!

… Catching up with a Revenge marathon and finally watching Argo (it was really really good!)

I’m looking forward to the new semester at school and for Chinese New Year!

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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