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Happy Tet! Being a big fan of winter holidays myself, I often get into a slump after the New Year in January, but then February comes along and the festivities of Tet always gets me back into the spirit of things. Every year during this time, my mom cooks up a storm of vegan dishes and an explosion of yellow blooms from forsythia branches and chrysanthemums fill the house. On the eve of Tet, my brother and sister and I always like to celebrate by partaking in a little temple hopping in Chinatown to enjoy all the festivities, dragon dancing, and performances. The morning of Tet is reserved for spending more time at our local temple with mom, who has always been the most devoted Buddhist in the family. This year, we went to a new temple that is developing just down the street from our neighborhood. The grandeur of it all, from the carved, wooden doors and altars, the lingering smell of thick incense, to the vast open dirt lot that has yet still to be developed has really put me in a state of awe and nostalgia for the temples back in Vietnam. For the last act, we like to celebrate Tet at our Great Uncle’s house where they traditionally have a dragon dance performed by students at the local temple. And after all the blessings and all the praying and all the photo ops, we feast on homemade dishes that my aunts have made and of course my dad’s famous pot of curry, followed by many food comas… With all the kids growing up so fast and with everyone in my family all grown up and so busy with our own lives and careers, it’s always nice that we can spend a weekend together in food and love  and more food. Happy new year guys, hope you all have  a prosperous and fulfilling one this year shared with your friends and  loved ones.

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