birthday dinner

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For my sister’s birthday this year we enjoyed our two favorite things together, shopping and cooking. After a day of shopping, I signed us both up for a cooking class creating a four course dinner inspired by Jaime Oliver’s recipes. I haven’t been a big fan of lamb ever since I had a bad tasting at a restaurant recently, but the lamb chops we learned to cook were so delicious, I might just have to try it again at home. One more day of school left this week and then a four day weekend, including more birthday festivities for the sis. I really cant wait! My mind and body has been set on work mode for the past 14 days straight, working on teaching, lesson plans, photo shoots and relaunching a brand new website for my photography company. But things are looking brighter each day and I can’t wait to launch the new website and, oh yeah, my min vacation with a few friends to Chicago!

P.S. My sis rescued a polydactyl kitten last week. It’s the sweetest thing. Here’s hoping they decide to keep it.

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