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          The three of us, plus baby, spent the entire day at the MFAH last Thursday. It was my mom’s first time visiting the museum and I really wanted to check out the photography manipulation exhibit. The lighting in museums are always so ideal, especially in those vast gallery rooms with large skylights to let in all the beautiful natural light. My mom thoroughly enjoyed the museum, taking in all the beautiful religious paintings and she spent a good amount of time taking her own pictures with her smartphone. Olivia has been a huge blessing in our family and I’m really glad she’s not one of those babies that throws loud tantrums constantly. For the most part, she sleeps and wakes up and cries a bit when she needs feeding or changing. She had a good long nap in the car ride and when she woke up, she found herself in a great room with tall paintings guilded in gold frames and light shining through the windows from the ceiling. And as she’s beginning to show improvement in her eyesight, it’s so cute to see her take in all the beautiful new surroundings around her. See picture below for one of my favorite expressions of hers.

… a few favorite pieces of mine: those lovely gold and jade earrings and this ‘Portrait of Two Young Men’ by Giovanni Cariani

…matching yellows with my favorite portrait, Frantisek Kupka

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