crepe mrytle

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crepe myrtle-60
crepe myrtle-56
crepe myrtle-54
crepe myrtle-53
crepe myrtle-59
crepe myrtle-61
crepe myrtle-28
crepe myrtle-62
crepe myrtle-35
crepe myrtle-38
crepe myrtle-20

I love all the crepe myrtle during summer time. It sort of makes up for not having all those giant rhododendron trees that are always so majestic and beautiful in all those fancy fashion magazines. I took my old 50mm lens out for a shoot today and forgot how soft and dreamy the quality of the focus can be. I normally don’t shoot self portraits, but my sister is slowly learning to compose beautifully on her own.

…and I’m slowly embracing the weird splash of freckles across my face as I get older

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