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My sister and friends surprised me at brunch this Sunday to celebrate the big 30. I’ve been wanting to try out Caracol for some time now and the brunch buffet did not disappoint. A few of my favorites from the menu were the marinated watermelon salad, lambchops, firewood roasted oysters, fresh tamarind juice, and the tres leches. It’s been a busy month so far with dinner parties with friends and family throughout, starting back at school again this last week, and did I mention recovering from a surgery? I’m very looking forward to the next couple of weeks with a trip to Miami planned and a few weddings to celebrate with dear friends. In the meantime, my goals this year so far are to stay organized and to eat more healthily. So I’m saying goodbye to more processed foods and sweets and learning to cook my meals for school each week. So far, the the avoiding sweets part is the difficult, (I blame all the birthday cakes) but I have been pretty good at meal prepping this last week. It’s been pretty simple with a protein based entree like steak or chicken along with a salad or vegetables. Hopefully, I’ll advance to more complex recipes later when I get the hang of things.

Super moon

Korean BBQ with the family

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