Miami first…

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My sister and I took a little break from the dropping temperatures in Houston to celebrate another one of my old friend’s wedding in Miami last weekend. This was my first time in Florida and I have to say, the weather here during the winter season suited me just fine as there was no humidity and a constant breeze kept flowing through town. We stayed in a historic cottage in Little Havana where it was cool enough to sleep with the windows open and if you’ll believe it, I even woke up one morning to the sound of a Hispanic woman singing on this beautiful Spanish song. Our hosts treated us to local Cuban pastelitos for breakfast and when we arrived at our cottage in the evening, the cat greeted us at the doorway. Yeah, I guess I could get used to this little piece of paradise. One thing I will say, though, Miami drivers and pedestrians are the worst at giving any fucks about the road, but I suppose that’s part of the blasé mentality I have to get used to about Miami.

neighborhood peacocks roaming the streets in the morning…

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