Florida with the Wangs

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I spent the last days of summer this year in Florida with my cousins from Salt Lake City. I figure, I might as well enjoy Harry Potter World before I’m too old to walk long distances and yes, a part of me is still a very big Harry Potter geek. (Butterbeer was had and wands were thoroughly used!) We stopped by Epcot Island first and enjoyed all the mini countries. Each section was so well replicated that sometimes I really did feel in a whole other country. I think my favorite mini country replica was Japan, because the gift shop was the grandest and had so many Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli souvenirs and collectibles available. On my last day in Orlando, we took a quick detour before my flight to visit a garden and was stranded in the rain and had to hang out in the rose garden for awhile. It was quite nice, actually now that I recall. I’m always a big fan of seeing the different vegetation everywhere I travel and Florida never disappoints with its variety of colorful blooms and sweeping moss in the summertime.

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