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home sweet home

I have a bad habit of killing my plants, but for some reason, the last batch of succulents and houseplants that I bought or re-potted have been thriving and showing signs of new life with a few sprouts popping up here and there. My monstera plants have surprised me the most. After splitting them up into two separate pots, I was afraid the worse had happened when the leaves began to turn yellow or wilt and die. After a month or two, new leaves and roots began sprouting and it looks as if these new forms of life have been keeping these plants alive and looking more healthy than before. As for my wonky succulent that has been growing and growing, reaching and curving for the sky, two tiny sprouts have grown from the stem. I’m such a proud mama right now 🙂 I made several ceramic pieces as gifts for friends and family, but now I’m getting too attached to them.

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