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afternoon delight

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Cats / food

2 hours of cooking. It only takes me 10 minutes to devour lunch. Something to boast to the grand kids later on, I guess. Maggie and Joey, waiting for lunch, spends their idle time by the open window staring into the sun. Maggie and Joey, after finding out lunch was not for them, goes on a napping marathon. The one thing that makes me very jealous of my cats is their ability to have nap […]

gray Sundays

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Cats / Potpourri

My children of the corn lazing about on their favorite window. A bunch of philistines if ever I saw one. Ahhhhh. Lazy Sundays are best when its rainy. Spent the day downtown at the Bayou City Arts Festival helping out at the creative zone making sun prints with HCP. Except, it wasn’t so sunny and so I spent a few hours watching the clouds descend upon the skyscrapers until I could no longer see them […]