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The “Crepe” Escape

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This week will be dedicated to making these handcrafted crepe paper flowers. Martha Stewart templates never fail me. Two dozen down, and only about a hundred more flowers and strings of paper pom-poms left. Whoo-hoo! Procrastination leads to pressure which then leads to all nighters. But I’ve always worked well under last minute pressures. Got these cheese domes at the thrift store along with a heavy brass candlestick that I’m debating on whether to repaint […]

playing catch up

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I’m finally catching up to all my correspondence. I’ve been a big procrastinator for the past month, but the last few weeks have been keeping me on my toes. A last minute teaching opening has gotten me all in a frenzy of paper work and lesson planning and rubrics. I’ll be very excited if I manage to land this job, but at the same time, I won’t be devastated if not, because I know there’s […]


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Making snail mail to send to some old friends. I forgot how studious and unwavering I can be when I get started on a project. It’s already 3AM now. My hand hurts, but I’m glad to be productive. I just love getting mail so hopefully,  this will make someone smile!

a waving banner

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art / homemade

.. a little fun with Japanese washi paper tape. …and I found this awesome painting in a cluster of old canvases I had hidden in the back of my closet today. I don’t know who painted it, but it was probably from a friend or a fellow student from high school. I remember taking a stack of canvases that nobody wanted at the end of the school year. Looting for art is the best. (But […]