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in the Classroom

To say that I’ve been busy might be an understatement these days. It’s already October, I can’t believe how quickly time flies by. Autumn is my favorite season, because, aside from the beautiful weather, there are so many things that I always have planned around this time. It’s been hectic for sure trying to juggle work and play and work again, but I think things are settling down a bit so that I have a […]

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in the Classroom

  … a few things that have made my Friday more enjoyable yesterday after having a tough week so far … breakfast tacos as we’re gearing up for teacher’s appreciation week … my collection of window greenery is growing everyday … and bisqueware that have finally been taken out of the kiln. … and the students’ animal piggy banks have turned out so amazing, not to¬† mention no explosions or major mishaps for my first […]