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… a few things that have made my Friday more enjoyable yesterday after having a tough week so far

… breakfast tacos as we’re gearing up for teacher’s appreciation week

… my collection of window greenery is growing everyday

… and bisqueware that have finally been taken out of the kiln.

… and the students’ animal piggy banks have turned out so amazing, not to  mention no explosions or major mishaps for my first round!

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.


  1. miathenaeum says

    clay…its the bane of my classroom… I enjoy it…but so may things can go wrong…almost as bad as printmaking, which is such a process oriented technique. I enjoy doing both, just requires so much planning…Oh, this is Mike Ho BTW…if you were wondering

    • psaugust says

      i know what you mean. I love both clay and printmaking because I appreciate the beautiful outcomes after such labor intensive processes, and trying to teach these processes to younger kids hasn’t been easy either. I just got the teaching job and had to teach clay for the first time right away so it’s definitely been a huge learning experience for me. Next year will be better.

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