it’s not pink eye

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Not a good week for eyeballs, but definitely a great weekend for stomachs. I got a pretty bad eye infection in my right eye that had me secluded in the house with all the blinds down for the past few days. The perks: taking the last two days off school and resting up on season two of Game of Thrones. The down side: having to wear my old eye glasses for the rest of the week. A friend suggested Warby Parker eyeglasses, so I’m eagerly anticipating the next mail arrival.

Good news for stomachs and for us Phams. Mother’s day means grubbing on greasing, delicious dim sum and grocery shopping with Mom afterwards, which means I get to load the cart with all the shrimp chips I want. Thanks Mom! # 1 AZN Mom 4 Life.

…We got our first sell on Poshmark! This calls for special packaging for our lucky first customer. And we just posted more items today. I’ll be sad to let my Marc Jacobs pumps go, but it’s better this way. Someone will put those babies to good use.

…trading in my flats for sandals, gearing up for the summer and vacation. These Dolce Vita sandals are uber comfortable.

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