no time for lazy

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I planned on doing a whole lot of nothing this Memorial weekend, but it seems I’ve got too many things on my agenda to finish up first before I can participate in that marathon of lethargy. Just a few quick photos from the week before I go back into more photo editing. One last week of school to go! Got my tickets booked to Utah to visit my little munchkins. I’m excited for the summer to work on photos and new projects and new lesson plans for the school year.

… my go to skirt of the moment.

…another Animalia necklace…Dolly Llama

…new plant… this one’s got great arms

…my first taste of fried Oreos had me going back to Saint Dane’s to pick up another box to go to share with the silings

…a pack of angry bird ceramics

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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