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Hooting & Howling

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jewelry / video

This is me getting sidetracked from making my end of the year lists. Currently listening to Wild Beasts again while trying to figure out what to fill my new trinket box with . Something new to add to my owl collection, from Mona. It looks like Archimedes and the best part of it all, a HOOT! surprise on the inside! Advertisements

funny art or balloon torture?

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art / video

William Lamson. This guy’s work has got me laughing all day today. He has a collection of videos at the Houston Center for Photography in the Artist as a Performer Exhibition right now. It’s really amusing to watch the guy come up with so many ways and build all these contraptions and schemes to pop balloons. In a way, its kind of cruel. There’s one video where the balloons are trapped in an wooden egg-shapped […]

new found addiction

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art / video

This is work by Jeanne Stern, an Austin-based artist. First saw her work at the Aurora Picture show during one of the class trips and fell in love with her videos instantly. Check out her website and the video, Sprout. It’s just fantastic to see these kinds of videos, especially now with all the digital technology and CGI  being used all the time in film and video. It’s very DYI but also very well-made. Will […]

scintillating video art

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art / inspiration / photography / video

A very gorgeous video by Xavier Chassaing. I couldn’t tell the first time I watched, but the video is comprised of 35,000 photographs and stop motion arrangements. It’s just so seamless. I remember making a video using only photographs, but it seemed so amateur after watching this video. The projection mapping is just deliciously beautiful.