funny art or balloon torture?

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William Lamson. This guy’s work has got me laughing all day today. He has a collection of videos at the Houston Center for Photography in the Artist as a Performer Exhibition right now. It’s really amusing to watch the guy come up with so many ways and build all these contraptions and schemes to pop balloons. In a way, its kind of cruel. There’s one video where the balloons are trapped in an wooden egg-shapped cage. The balloons float up and down the contraption only to be popped at each direction. I like that one balloon escapes its death and flies off into the distant. Some of his videos are simply just pleasing to watch. The one where the two balloons just float around the white space is really nice, and one of my favorite videos is the one where he shoots darts with black ribbons attached to pop the floating balloons. The graphic composition in the end is really cool, especially when the balloon gets caught in between the lines. If you get a chance, you should really check out all the balloon videos at the HCP exhibition.There’s also this amazing video where Lamson uses a plastic gun to smack the living shit out of the balloons. My all time favorite.

some expamles I could find:

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