Autumn arrives

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Officially, the first day of fall was Tuesday, but I think the amazing weather today proves otherwise. For the first time in awhile, I let the windows down in my car and let the cool air revive me as I drove to work. And for the first time in awhile, I didn’t breathe in horrible parched air from all the heat that usually preoccupies the car after sitting in the sun for a couple of hours.

There’s a patch of land on Antoine that I always see when I drive to work. It’s the only field amongst all the other dreary suburban landscapes that actually has  color to it. Good weather calls for an impromptu photo shoot! The photo of the yellow wildflowers is the first picture that I actually love from my new digital camera so far. It looks like a Holga with the vignette effect from the twilight hour.

I can’t tell what species these are, but it looks like Yellow Fleabane or Bitterweed.

Wildberries. Reminds my of my dad and I picking and eating wild blackberries when I was younger and we used to walk to the tracks by the bayou.  I like the flash effect on this photo. It makes the berries look even more untamed.

I can’t decide which composition is better. My photo editing skills are waning.

This is me looking happy after the wind just blew my dress in the air and before I turned around to see that the white horse has come up to the fence to get a closer look at me.

Me in a yellow dress I altered awhile back. Now I realize how long my hair really is. It’s definitely time for a trim.

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  1. rckshw says

    Ahhh the weather was so nice today. Now we can wear scarves without looking silly.

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