a hefty weekend

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Had a very busy weekend. I just finished spending two awesome days in a workshop with Craig Barber building my very first 4×5 pinhole camera. Couldn’t ask for better weather and lighting conditions either. The Menil park during the mornings are just really peaceful and amazing. Still waiting for my 4×5 test shots to dry so I’ll be posting them on the next post, but below are examples of some of Craig’s work during his stay in Vietnam from a book I bought titled, Ghosts in the Landscapes. These are all made from 12×20 pinhole cameras that he custom made himself. The qaulity and the tonal range of these prints in person is really amazing to see. The diptych styles of these images are from two cameras shot simultaneously at a ninety degree angle and the exposures of some these shots are about 30 minuted long. Isn’t that incredible?

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to experience this workshop this weekend. Going back to the basics of camera work only reminds me how caught up I am with all the razzle dazzle of instant digital photography. And ever since I’ve graduated, I’ve been trying to  be more creative in making art, because I’ve lost that luxury of having facilities and equipment whenever I needed them. Anyway, I met a French artist named Nathalie, and she’s going to show me how to make cyanotypes and toned cyanotypes, so I’ll be off busy making large negatives. Au revoir!

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