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little boxes, little boxes

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The photos from my very first pinhole camera, which is basically a box with a whole lotta black tape around it. It was difficult to figure out the exposure time for the images, but I guessed as best as I could, and some of the images came out pretty awesome! Plus, we were shooting directly onto paper and not film, so the details aren’t too amazing, but I like the ghost-like qaulity in some of […]

a hefty weekend

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Had a very busy weekend. I just finished spending two awesome days in a workshop with Craig Barber building my very first 4×5 pinhole camera. Couldn’t ask for better weather and lighting conditions either. The Menil park during the mornings are just really peaceful and amazing. Still waiting for my 4×5 test shots to dry so I’ll be posting them on the next post, but below are examples of some of Craig’s work during his […]