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The photos from my very first pinhole camera, which is basically a box with a whole lotta black tape around it. It was difficult to figure out the exposure time for the images, but I guessed as best as I could, and some of the images came out pretty awesome! Plus, we were shooting directly onto paper and not film, so the details aren’t too amazing, but I like the ghost-like qaulity in some of the images. It looks like there’s hardly anyone at the Menil Park, but it was a very busy weekend.

This is me and Frazier King lurking behind the plants like creeps, waiting and waiting. Most of the exposures in the shade took nine to twelve minutes.

The resulting image from the photo session seen above. I had fogging issues with the film holder or else that flamingo would have looked so badass.

A neighboring house as seen from the balcony.

White heart shaped leaves

Success! A very good exposure! Although, Craig had to help me, and this was after I realized my fogging problem. I feel like a six year old kid right about now.

An old magnolia tree. I heart magnolias.

This was part of a triptych experiment I was trying to pull off with Nathalie and Howard. There’s supposed to be two other photos to complete the scene, like a panoramic, but we failed to figure out the measurements to place the camera at an angle that would give us that big picture. And so, we all ended up with the same tree in out photos. Practice always makes perfect, I suppose.

Empty bench by the Menil.

A grove of trees in a little courtyard that is part of the Menil wing. I saw two lovebird finches land in front of me as I sat there and watched. Sweet.

And ALAS! The piece de resistance that epically failed. The fingerprints does add to the eerie-ness of the photo though, which I like.

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