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made in kind…

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So many good things happening over at Anthro right now. I’ve been pretty excited to see that Anthro is now featuring some of Leah Goren and Samantha Pleet’s dresses for their new spring line. Goren’s watercolor prints have always peaked my interest and after having been introduced to Samantha Pleet this year by  a friend, I guess you could say I’m pretty excited to blow my pocketbook off. But. I must contain my excitement and […]

girl, interrupted

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Books / jewelry

Belated birthday presents from me to me. A haute pink fashion coloring book and interrupted hoops from Anthropologie. I’m editing down my vast jewelry collection that have been accumulating over the past years and keeping only my favorites. I must be getting older because I prefer classic, minimal pieces these days as opposed to gaudy and bohemian. These hoops are just lovely and you can never go wrong with a great pair of gold hoops […]


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Picked up this beautiful Cote D’Ivoire dress today at the thrift store. It’s one of those Zachary’s Smile White Label dresses that I used to see in Anthropologie in a variety of unique tribal patterns. I’m not a huge fan of tribal prints, but the simple chartreuse in this dress just called out to me from the rack. And it reminds me of my walls at home and this lovely painting that was done and […]

paper explosions

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I just love a great widow display. The first BHDN store to open is located conveniently next to Anthropologie. Everything is so gorgeous in the store, especially all the decor and party supplies. It’s definitely inspiring me to throw a party. I’ve been really into these paper garlands that have been hung at the Anthropologie stores lately. So simple, yet so beautiful as a collective piece.

l i g h t e r

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“don’t move, there’s an owl perched on your head Henry!” Hello blog, how I’ve missed you. My computer has been weird for the last few days, but nothing a little reboot and clean up couldn’t fix. Thanks bro. Speaking of cleaning up, I’ve been keeping busy with spring cleaning out my closet. This time around, I decided that it really is time for “out with the old and in with the new.”  I cleared out […]