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“don’t move, there’s an owl perched on your head Henry!

Hello blog, how I’ve missed you.

My computer has been weird for the last few days, but nothing a little reboot and clean up couldn’t fix. Thanks bro. Speaking of cleaning up, I’ve been keeping busy with spring cleaning out my closet. This time around, I decided that it really is time for “out with the old and in with the new.”  I cleared out every single piece of clothing that I haven’t touched, worn, looked at in years. Two bags of dresses that I successfully sold at Buffalo Exchange for some sweet cash, and two trash bags full of old t-shirts, old jeans, and jewelry that looks just so juvenile the more I keep them in my case- all these went to Goodwill. I feel refreshed and lighter. My new resolution is to shop sensibly and cut down on impulse buying… Well, I’ll try anyway.

Speaking of shopping, I did treat myself a little after selling all those dresses. Nothing too extravagant, just a few pieces I thought were so endearing. I’ve seen this vintage Avon owl pin before at the Guild Shop, but the green gems were missing in the eye sockets. I finally found a complete one when I came back. My favorite part is that you can open the pin. It’s meant for perfume gloss, but I think I’ll try to place a small picture in there.

An old gold leaf ring I found when I was cleaning out the jewelry box. I think I stole it from my mom’s jewelry box when I was younger.

A suede belt that I’ve been wearing with several outfits lately.

I picked up a few more Rebekah Maysles plates at Anthropologie. There’s a big sale going on! I was sorely tempted, but these will round out my dessert set along with these topography ones I bought several months back.

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