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before the gloaming…

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in the backyard / Life

… Spending time in the backyard. The cats were pretty excited and anxious to be let out today. Maggie’s eyes were so dilated from all the bird tweeting and chirping from the trees and Joey, who is like an old man with those drooping eyes, laid by the open door until he gathered enough courage to come outside and chase a few birds along the fence. … I’m still deciding on what to fill my […]


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My sister found this tea set at the Guild shop but I had to snatch it from her.  I love the minimalistic quality and the smooth texture of the clay. The artist’s signature is scratched into the bottoms of all the cups and teapot. Brunch made from leftover party ingredients.

l i g h t e r

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“don’t move, there’s an owl perched on your head Henry!” Hello blog, how I’ve missed you. My computer has been weird for the last few days, but nothing a little reboot and clean up couldn’t fix. Thanks bro. Speaking of cleaning up, I’ve been keeping busy with spring cleaning out my closet. This time around, I decided that it really is time for “out with the old and in with the new.”  I cleared out […]


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Three very good things: The Chocolate Store blackberry and raspberry cup display Guild Shop tea set…with cup lids!! I swooned A vintage mid-century chair  for a reupholstering project…the seat cushion lifts up to reveal a secret storing compartment! It’s like finding pockets in a dress you’re about to buy, always a deal-breaker.

holiday cheers

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Vintage / weekends

The week leading up to Christmas day really gets me into the holiday spirit. Last minute shopping and the Phamily Christmas tree really begins to fill up with presents. The cats are going crazy and crazier everyday for some odd reason. The weekend started off really well with dinner with friends at Broken Spoke down on Washington Street. The hole in the wall restaurant is filled with vintage bikes and Belgium knick knacks and a […]