before the gloaming…

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in the backyard / Life

… Spending time in the backyard. The cats were pretty excited and anxious to be let out today. Maggie’s eyes were so dilated from all the bird tweeting and chirping from the trees and Joey, who is like an old man with those drooping eyes, laid by the open door until he gathered enough courage to come outside and chase a few birds along the fence.

… I’m still deciding on what to fill my new pots with for the classroom. I love the rawness of these clay pots and this hand painted bowl I managed to nab for five bucks at the Guild Shop will make a better planter.

… The kumquat flowers are ready to bloom and the shrub has grown dramatically this past year. Here’s hoping for a big harvest this year!

… freshly picked cilantro

… picking into the neighbor’s backyard. They’ve been negligent but somehow these roses seem to be thriving without them.


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