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The week leading up to Christmas day really gets me into the holiday spirit. Last minute shopping and the Phamily Christmas tree really begins to fill up with presents. The cats are going crazy and crazier everyday for some odd reason.

The weekend started off really well with dinner with friends at Broken Spoke down on Washington Street. The hole in the wall restaurant is filled with vintage bikes and Belgium knick knacks and a ceiling mural that boasts some fine Victorian collar-wearing gentlemen. The escargots and french fries are so savory and delicious! Definitely going to be back soon. Next day, I had a big shopping spree with my sister since we both had the Saturday off. We stopped by The Guild Shop for some cookies and punch and found these sweet gold cuffs that I’ll be giving away to two of my friends, even though I really really really want it all for myself. I also scored another set of those botanical salad plates so now I have a complete set to use for parties! YAY! To top off the food filled weekend, dinner at Miyagi’s sushi restaurant, which is just a little green room run by Mr. and Mrs. Miyagi. She serves the hot green tea with a cheerful smile while he prepares all the sushi. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much sushi in one sitting before.Yum!

Only several more days until Christmas! I’m excited for more food comas to ensue and watching the little cousins devour themselves in wrapping paper and presents.

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  1. chau says

    what a sweet find! I can’t stop thinking about dinner. We have to stop by for breakfast and lunch another time.

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