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…a thousand years between

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I like the way the colors and blurriness of these photo make me feel… like a tangerine dream…like an old Led Zeppelin song… goodbye Summer! You surely won’t be missed until January when we’ve all have had enough of the sleet and cold temperatures. hello Autumn… I’m ready for cool breezes and dinners outside on the patio.

a small gathering

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Happy birthday America! Is it bad that we celebrated by eating French cheese? Oh well. I’ve been such an idiot lately. My camera settings were all out of tune so my photos have been overly saturated and pink whenever I take indoor shots. This makes editing them in a pain in the ass and makes everyone look sunburned. Well now I definitely know better. We had a small gathering to celebrate the big 4. Beer, […]

here comes the sun…

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bits and pieces from yesterday… Breakfast date at Waffle House down the street from Tuan’s house. The waitress was really sweet and the hash-browns are delicious! Probably more than the waffles, ironically enough. This art car pulled up soon after we were seated. The kids and passerbys made pit stops to take photos with the car while the owner, a burly, bald guy, drank his coffee nonchalantly with the morning newspaper. We stopped by Wabash […]

back again

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  AJ needs a machete. Ohh Summerfest, I am getting too old for this heat. Houston’s third Summerfest had a disappointing lineup this year, so I wasn’t too excited to go, let alone sit on a hard hill and suffer the unforgivable heat. The bands that I was looking forward to see like, Beirut, Chromeo, and Yeasayer did not disappoint. They all sounded amazing live. I think it’s becoming tradition to expect some rain on […]