here comes the sun…

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bits and pieces from yesterday…

Breakfast date at Waffle House down the street from Tuan’s house. The waitress was really sweet and the hash-browns are delicious! Probably more than the waffles, ironically enough. This art car pulled up soon after we were seated. The kids and passerbys made pit stops to take photos with the car while the owner, a burly, bald guy, drank his coffee nonchalantly with the morning newspaper.

We stopped by Wabash Feed & Antiques in search of some gardening tools and seeds for a Father’s day gift. They have such a variety selection of seeds and goods there, and there are kittens and ducks in the back room!

A little shopping down 19th Street meant stopping by Grace & Co. for some quality antique browsing. The day began with the sky filled with giant fluffy clouds, but by noon, they all dispersed and the sun really beat down on us. We had to stop by MAM’s for a refreshing snowcone to cool down from the staggering heat.  So much for antique shopping during the summer in Houston, right? Well, at least I’ll have all day to cool off and chill in the AC today.

Waffle House…

(this guy just had a WTF moment)

Wabash Feed & Antiques…

Grace & Co. …

(these painted eggs remind me of burly boys like Ro and Kendell, who know exactly what Fabergé means…it gave me a good laugh)

MAM’s House of Ice…

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