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southern hospitality

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This has been a fast week. A teaching opportunity had opened up at my old junior high school. I didn’t expect to land this teaching job so soon, but I’m so glad I got it. The kids are so eager to finally experiment with clay and acrylics after having three months with a substitute with no training in the fine arts. I should feel so lucky to have such enthusiastic students. Well, we’ll see after […]

here comes the sun…

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bits and pieces from yesterday… Breakfast date at Waffle House down the street from Tuan’s house. The waitress was really sweet and the hash-browns are delicious! Probably more than the waffles, ironically enough. This art car pulled up soon after we were seated. The kids and passerbys made pit stops to take photos with the car while the owner, a burly, bald guy, drank his coffee nonchalantly with the morning newspaper. We stopped by Wabash […]