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This has been a fast week. A teaching opportunity had opened up at my old junior high school. I didn’t expect to land this teaching job so soon, but I’m so glad I got it. The kids are so eager to finally experiment with clay and acrylics after having three months with a substitute with no training in the fine arts. I should feel so lucky to have such enthusiastic students. Well, we’ll see after a few weeks anyway. 🙂

I’m enjoying this four day weekend with lots of food and family and sleeping in and taking my time to do my own things.  A quick scouting trip for PATT with the sis today led us to the Cooley house, where we were so graciously invited to a Louisiana crawfish party. sweeeet.  Then a bit of shopping and chilling on the lawn near Mam’s. Root beer and sour cherry is my new favorite combination thus far. A quick stop at Kaboom‘s before closing time and I picked up this sweet edition of Kathy Kollwitz drawings and prints that will make awesome scans for future charcoal lessons.

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  1. Klein is so lucky to get such an outstanding artist. All the best in your new position. May Kathy’s work touch your student’s hearts and minds. I am proud to have taught you and value your friendship!

    • psaugust says

      Aww. Thank you so much Mrs. Sajda. It’s teachers like you and McEwan, Walton, Ingram, and Brawner that have really made a positive impression on me. I really appreciate it and I can only hope that I can do my best to do the same for my students.

  2. nhu says

    Congtas Tuey! I used to be a student in that art class. I think the students are lucky to have you as their teacher. All the best!

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