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something old, something new

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Yay! My snail mail has finally arrived! Let’s see, a few new ones, (The Double Life of Veronique, Fanny & Alexander, Kagemusha, and 3 Films by Louis Malle) and some old favorites. It’s a bit much I know, but I think it’s about time I finally owned a legit version of these movies. The Royal Tenenbaums were getting quite lonely on that shelf by itself. I’ve been hanging around  the Heights area lately checking out […]

things I heart this month: September

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Little Red Riding Hood Cillian Murphy. for some odd reason. he’s got killer eyes! and by killer I mean he will shoot you in your face horrible horror flicks Rutger Hauer’s amazing performance in Blade Runner! instant photos a renewed appreciation for gooood landscape photography late night reading sessions the Menil and the green room in Cy Twombly’s Gallery long dinners with friends paper streamers velvety smooth hangers Origins A Perfect World face lotion. feel […]