things I heart this month: September

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Little Red Riding Hood
Cillian Murphy. for some odd reason. he’s got killer eyes!
and by killer I mean he will shoot you in your face
horrible horror flicks

Rutger Hauer’s amazing performance in Blade Runner!

instant photos
a renewed appreciation for gooood landscape photography
late night reading sessions
the Menil
and the green room in Cy Twombly’s Gallery

long dinners with friends
paper streamers
velvety smooth hangers
Origins A Perfect World face lotion. feel so good.

Starting my Christmas shopping
finishing the Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess
a renewed addiction for Project Runway

a growing obsession to find the perfect record player pour moi…
which leads to a growing obsession with the Clear Audio turntable. I’m completely sold on the sterility of the clear platter and base.  sigh. so pretty.

Empire Cafe cake. so goood.

art from the 80s

British themed movies
and new Criterion Collection releases like Gommorah and The Last Days of Disco and Monsoon Wedding

and making personal movie covers
and building time capsules

The Author

artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.


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