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There’s an awesome interview with Miranda July in the August issue of Interview. Her exhibit for the Venice Biennale looks so good, I wish I could be a part of it. Taking art to another level, Miranda July incorporates people into her pieces and then allows them to take a piece of that creation home with them through the use of snapshots and video or whatever form of moment-capturing device they have handy. If you haven’t seen her stuff, check out side bar <—– and one of my favorite quirky films, Me and You and Everyone We Know immediately!

“Life is so ridiculously gorgeous, strange, heartbreaking, horrific, etc., that we are compelled to describe it to ourselves, but we can’t! We cannot do it! And so we make art.”—Miranda July

Favorite interview answer of all time. [well for now anyway.]

Daniel Birnbaum: What time is it on the sun?
July: Hot-o’clock.

ok ok.  I couldn’t resist. A memorable scene from the movie.

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